A Copilot for Customer Success

Abbot is a programmable smart assistant who works alongside you in your team chat and helps you get things done.
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Keep track of Slack

Simply add Abbot to your Slack workspace, and invite it to rooms where you'd like it to keep track of customer conversations, or rooms where you want to add automation.

A screenshot of Slack showing someone using the PagerDuty skill with Abbot
A screenshot of Slack with someone asking how to do something and Abbot responding with documentation and links for sources
A screenshot of Slack with Abbot posting messages about tickets being created using HubSpot and Zendesk
A screenshot of Slack with Abbot posting messages letting people know about new conversations and upcoming response deadlines

Keeps track of your chat rooms

Abbot monitors the conversations in your support channels and makes sure that your customers receive timely responses.

Integrates with your team’s systems

Abbot integrates with popular ticketing systems like Zendesk and GitHub, and makes it easy to integrate with your internal systems too.

Get help from your documentation
in chat

Abbot can be trained on your documentation and respond when a customer asks a question on how to do something.

Enterprise plan only

Trigger actions based on customer conversations

Abbot can run automations from Slack.
You can also create and run your own custom scripts written in C#, JavaScript, or Python.

A screenshot of the Abbot website demonstrating conversation summaries and next steps

Summarizations and Suggested Next Steps

Stay on top of what your customers are talking about with automatic summarization and suggested next steps. Abbot also automatically tags your conversations so you can easily find relevant conversations.

A screenshot of Abbot showing charts of Conversation volume over time and by room

Insights at your fingertips

Understand what your customers are talking about at a glance. Abbot reports on your team's responsiveness so you'll always know that your customers are getting the help they need.


Serious About Security

We're SOC 2 compliant so you can rest assured that your data is safe.



Only $49/month per agent
Advanced conversation management for your workspace
Conversation monitoring and automated escalations
Automated Summarization and Suggested Next Steps
Automated Topic Tagging
Send updates to multiple channels at once
Activity dashboards and insights
Script in C#, Python, and JS
Zendesk and Hubspot integrations


Custom tailored for your company
Everything in Team plus more
Priority support
Early access program
AI-powered documentation search
Dedicated account management
Custom terms
Additional integrations
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