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Customer Success teams spend up to a quarter of their time on manual, repetitive tasks.
Abbot can automate these to do things like set up trial channels, share usage stats with customers, and even notify your team if a customer has gone quiet.
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New customer activity scheduling

Part of a powerful automation platform

Abbot is a powerful automation platform for Customer Success teams. It’s designed to help teams who work with their teams in Slack get more done with less work. Abbot monitors conversations to make sure customer requests don’t get lost, integrates with popular ticketing systems, and can even be scripted to perform complex tasks.

A screenshot of the Abbot website demonstrating conversation summaries and next steps

AI built in

Abbot is integrated with GPT4, and can take actions based on the contents of your customer conversations.

A screenshot of Abbot showing charts of Conversation volume over time and by room

Get insights on your customer conversations

Since Abbot monitors your customer channels, it can provide insights about your team’s responsiveness, common discussion topics, and activity levels across all your rooms.



Only $49/month per agent
Advanced conversation management for your workspace
Conversation monitoring and automated escalations
Automated Summarization and Suggested Next Steps
Automated Topic Tagging
Send updates to multiple channels at once
Activity dashboards and insights
Script in C#, Python, and JS
Zendesk and Hubspot integrations


Custom tailored for your company
Everything in Team plus more
Priority support
Early access program
AI-powered documentation search
Dedicated account management
Custom terms
Additional integrations
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