Make chat your command center

Abbot is a platform to build and run automation scripts from chat without a lot of hassle.

We take care of the annoying parts of getting up and running so you can focus on getting things done.

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Your scriptable assistant

Abbot can perform nearly any task

...from figuring out tz between co-workers... deploy ing code.

Abbot even comes with a few built-in tricks up its sleeve.

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@abbottz me @Paul

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abbot bot

User  | Time       | TimeZone           
----- | ---------- | ------------------- 
Don   | 7:59:20 AM | America/New_York   
Paul  | 4:59:20 AM | America/Los_Angeles
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@abbotdeploy main to prod

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abbot bot

Deployed branch main successfully

React to more than just messages

Connect external events to chat with Triggers

Scheduled trigger in action.

Schedule skills to run at any time

Abbot's scheduler makes it very easy to schedule skills to run whenever you'd like. Abbot incudes both simple configuration and support for crontabs, so the scheduling can be as simple or complex as you need.

Example of external trigger

Trigger skills with external events

React to external events with Triggers. Triggers create a unique endpoint for your team's Abbot skills so that events can be handled from anywhere... even form submissions.

Get Equipped

Abbot's Package Directory lets you discover other skills that can be installed with a single click.

We've made some for you to use today, but you can also use any package that other people have shared in the directory.

DevOps and SRE

Teams responsible for DevOps and uptime use Abbot to monitor systems, and notify on-call engineers when things go wrong. We've built packages like pager and grafana to simplify troubleshooting and give your teams an easy way to page on-call engineers.

Featured skills

  • deploy

    Manage deployments with the GitHub Deployment API

  • pager

    Interact with PagerDuty services, schedules, and incidents with Abbot.

  • grafana

    Query grafana dashboards and generate visual graphs.

Customer success

Customer Success teams need to access data from multiple systems and work alongside nearly every team in a company. They can use Abbot to look up information about customers in chat, log issues, and send Tweets about new releases. Because Abbot makes it easy to build new skills, they can also build their own custom workflows right into chat.

Featured skills

  • sql

    Run SQL queries from chat

  • dataclip

    Get data from a Heroku Dataclip CSV link

  • tweet

    A Twitter skill for Abbot

Engineering managers

Teams work better when they collaborate. Whether it's letting the team know what everyone is working on, or simplifying on-call rotations, Abbot makes it easy for your team to build the tools they need to work better together. By working inside of chat, team members always know what's going on, and can get context quickly if they need to hop in to help with an issue.

Featured skills

  • todo

    A simple to-do app for your team.

  • tz

    Convert time to the timezones for mentioned users.

  • rem

    Remember things. Associate text and urls to a keyword or phrase.

Can't find? Create it.

The tools that Abbot provides

Everything you need in one place

Create, edit, test, and save skills in your browser. Skills can even be written from your tablet. Our editor and console are connected to a live instance of your team's Abbot. Automatic deploys, built-in audit logging, and secrets management means you only need to write what's essential.

Share your Skills

We make it easy to share Skills with other teams using Abbot. You are a few clicks away from distributing your Skills to everyone. Since Abbot is easy to install, it's only a few clicks to install them and only one click for teams with Abbot already installed!

Check out Abbot in action

For a brief tour of some of what Abbot can do, say “Hello” to Abbot by typing: @abbot hello

This console is attached to a real instance of Abbot.

Of course, the real power of Abbot comes from attaching it to your Chat Platform.

See more of Abbot in action

We've made some videos to show you how easy and fun it is to build skills in Abbot. Check one out, or get started below.

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