Conversations drive customer happiness.

Abbot gives your team the tools to manage and scale customer conversations in Slack.

Make sure your customers are heard.

Abbot monitors and manages shared Slack channels so your team spends less time juggling notifications and searching through channels, and more time providing a great customer experience.

Smart Priority Queue

Abbot's smart priority queue helps make sure you don't miss important requests by organizing customer conversations in order of priority.

First Responders

Designate a channel’s first responder to ensure the right team members are alerted to respond to conversations.

Response Time Settings

Configure a response time target and deadline for each channel to meet your customer service commitments.

Review activity across channels.


Abbot will measure your team's performance and bandwidth across customer channels to help you identify when an account needs help.

Customize to your unique accounts.

Conversation Flows

Easily create your own conversation flows for your customers to self-serve when they're looking for help with a format that works best for your team.

Room-based Rules & Events
Coming soon

Create rules to trigger escalations and other actions simply. Abbot integrates with common escalation tools like PagerDuty, so it can plug into your existing workflows.

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