About Abbot

Abbot is a shared command line for your team. It lives in your chat platform, ready to respond to your command with a command handler, known as a skill. Even better, you can enhance Abbot with custom skills.

We built Abbot because we saw how great ChatOps could be when we worked together at GitHub. GitHub used Hubot then (which is still great!), but we also wished there was an easier to test, easier to deploy, and easier to use option available. That option is available now -- Abbot!

Abbot takes care of the things that every bot author has to do -- hosting, persistence, keeping up to date with chat system APIs, allowing you to focus on what's most important: writing skills that help you get the job done or make you laugh. Abbot's goal is to stay out of the way and make it easy for you to do those things.

Abbot supports skills written in C#, Python, and JavaScript, with more languages on the way. Try it for free! You can use Abbot for free for up to 5 custom skills; and plans start at just $19 per month after that. Think of it as buying us lunch for taking care of the annoying bits of bot-building.

We hope you'll have fun working with Abbot. If you have any questions, please check out our documentation, or email us at any time at help@aseriousbusiness.com.

Terms and policies

As with all software and services, we do require that everyone agree to our terms of service and other policies before using Abbot. Our terms and policies can be found here.

Release Notes

Find out what new capabilities we've added to Abbot with our release notes!