uptimerobot 1.0.0

by Snuggle Chat

Manage and Monitor your services with Uptime Robot https://uptimerobot.com/


UptimeRobot is a super useful free service monitoring service. This skill is the beginning of support for querying/configuring the monitors in your UptimeRobot account.

Required Secrets

  • api-key API key from UptimeRobot. Full read/write permissions expected. Get an API key from My Settings page → API Settings section → Main API Key.


This skill can respond to post to channels when UptimeRobot detects that a monitor has gone up/down. To do this a Webhook Alert needs to be added to UptimeRobot and configured in a specific way that Abbot can recognize it.

Add a Trigger

  1. In a channel in your chat platform ask Abbot to attach to the channel. @abbot attach uptimerobot Abbot will respond with a link to manage your triggers. Follow the link and note the trigger url for the channel you just attached.
  2. In the My Settings page of UptimeRobot, Add Alert Contact in the Alert Contacts section. And fill out the following details:
  • Alert Contact Type: Webhook
  • Friendly Name: < Whatever you want to call this alert >
  • URL to Notify: < The url noted from step 1 >
  • POST Value: {"stat":"ok"} (This was the only way I could find to convince UptimeRobot to trigger the Webhook with POST rather than GET. Abbot only listens for POST requests.)
  • Check "Send as JSON ..."
  • Enable notifications for: < Select your preference >
  • Get SSL expiration reminder notifications: Unchecked (this isn't supported by the skill yet).
  • Create Alert Contact!
  1. In the My Settings page of UptimeRobot add the new Webhook alert to all the Minitors that you wish to have trigger this skill. (Note: There's a Bulk Actions link towards the top of the Monitor list that allows you to add the alert to all your Monitors at once.)
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