404-finder 1.0.2

Check all the links on a page to make sure they all resolve


Check the links in a webpage for 404s. This skill is best used on a schedule. To do that, run @abbot schedule 404-finder in the channel that should get the notices, and follow the prompts.

See how this skill was made on YouTube


This skill is best used as a scheduled skill.

@abbot schedule 404-finder


Version History

Version Installs Created Author Release Notes
1.0.2 0 6/5/2021

Only report specific errors: Not Found, 50x Server Error (was previously reporting authentication and redirection errors as warnings incorrectly)

1.0.1 0 6/4/2021

Handle relative URLs correctly

1.0.0 3 2/13/2021

First release!


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  • MIT License
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