cloud-event 1.1.2

by Serious Business

Subscribe to Cloud Events webhook subscriptions (such as from Azure EventGrid) and report them to a chat room.


Subscribe to events in your cloud infrastructure such as deployment slot failover!

It's helpful to know when important events happen in your cloud infrastructure. The cloud-event skill can help. It allows you to subscribe to cloud events and report them into chat. It is capable of supporting events in all cloud providers, but currently only has built in support for Azure App Service events.

For example, suppose you use Blue Green deployments using Slots in Azure. You can subscribe to slot swaps to know when your deployments succeed or fail.

Subscribing to events is pretty easy. I posted a video walkthrough on YouTube or you can follow the instructions below.

  1. First, install and save the skill!
  2. Then, attach the skill to a chat channel. For example, in our #ops room I ran the command: @abbot attach cloud-event.
  3. When you attach the skill, it'll give you a URL to grab the HTTP Trigger URL. You'll need this in a moment.
  4. Go to Azure Event Grid Subscriptions in the Azure Portal and create a new subscription.
    1. For the "Event Schema" choose "Cloud Event Schema 1.0".
    2. For the "Topic Types" choose "App Services."
    3. For "Endpoint Type" choose "Web Hook" and supply the HTTP Trigger URL for the skill you created when you attached the skill.

And that's it! Now when the events you subscribed to occur, you'll get a notification in chat.

This skill supports the Cloud Events WebHook Spec v1.0. for subscribing to cloud events so it can be adapted to any cloud hosting provider. Over time I plan to add support for all kinds of events.

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