github 2.0.1

by Serious Business

Useful skill for GitHub customers. Retrieve and assign issues. Get billing info.


A skill used to manage GitHub issues from chat.


Set the default repository for the current room.

@abbot github default is aseriousbiz/blog

List unassigned issues in the repository

@abbot github issue triage

Assign an issue to another user.

@abbot github issue assign #123 to haacked

You can also map chat users to GitHub users. This makes it possible to assign issues AND mention the user at the same time.

@abbot github user haacked is @phil
@abbot github assign #123 to @phil

In this case haacked is the GitHub username and @phil is the chat user. The order of the assignment doesn't matter.

List issues assigned to you.

@abbot github issues assigned to me

We plan to add a lot more!

If you primarily use GitHub for managing issues, you can use an alias to effectively create a nice shortcut to manage issues.

@abbot alias add issue github issue
@abbot alias add issues github issues

With these in place, you can omit the github part when managing issues. For example,

@abbot issue triage
@abbot issues assigned to me
@abbot issue assign 123 to haacked


This skill requires the following secrets to be configured:

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