grafana 1.0.0

by Serious Business

Query grafana dashboards and generate visual graphs.


Visualize Grafana graphs from chat.

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This skill requires the following secrets to be configured:

  • GrafanaKey - Grafana API key, generated from https://your-grafana-host/org/apikeys

From chat, set the url of your Grafana host:

@abbot grafana config host https://your-grafana-host


List all available dashboards

@abbot grafana db

List all panels of the dashboard named "Big Dashboard". Dashboard names are case insensitive and can be partial matches

@abbot grafana panels big

Visualize all graphs (panels) of the Home dashboard

@abbot grafana db home

Graph of the panel with ID 3 (use the panels command to get the IDs of panels) of the "Home" dashboard, with a time window of 2 days to 1 day from now

@abbot grafana db home:3 2d 1d 

Graph of the "Client Side full page load" panel" with a window of 24 hours, including several templated variables

@abbot grafana db "grafana dashboard:client side full page load" 24h var-app=backend var-server=backend_01 var-server=backend_03 var-interval=1h

Graph of panel with ID 3, set on a specific timezone and with width and height of 1000px.

@abbot grafana db home:3 tz=Europe/Lisbon width=1000 height=1000
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