pager 2.0.3

by Serious Business

Interact with PagerDuty services, schedules, and incidents with Abbot.


The pager skill is inspired by the Hubot Pager skill. Use it to trigger incidents assigned to specific users, the current on-call user, etc.


This skill requires the following secrets to be configured:

  • pagerduty-api-key - The PagerDuty API Key for your PagerDuty account.

To create an API Key, log into your PagerDuty account, select Integrations and then Api Access Keys under the Developer Tools column heading.

Screen Shot of the API Keys menu

For more information about PagerDuty API Keys, see the PagerDuty docs for generating an API Key to learn how to do this.

Mapping your user to PagerDuty

The pager skill will attempt to map your chat user to a PagerDuty user via email. To see if Abbot already knows your email (obtained from your chat platform), @abbot my email. To set your global Abbot email, @abbot my email is {email}. To set an email address just for the pager skill, @abbot pager me as {email}.


With that mapping in place, a chat user can be paged like so:

@paul> @abbot pager trigger @haacked hey, the site is down
@abbot> :pager: triggered! Incident #8 assigned to @haacked

Or trigger an incident assigned to an escalation policy:

@haacked> @abbot pager trigger ops hey, the site is down
@abbot> :pager: triggered! Incident #8 assigned to ops!

Check on open incidents:

@haacked> @abbot pager sup
@abbot> Triggered:
8: 2014-11-05T20:17:50Z site is down - assigned to haacked

7: 2014-11-05T20:16:29Z omgwtfbbq - assigned to haacked

Acknowledge triggered incidents assigned to you:

@haacked> @abbot pager ack
@abbot> Incident 7,8 acknowledged

Or acknowledge specific incidents:

@haacked> @abbot pager ack 8
@abbot> Incident 8 acknowledged

Resolve acknowledged alerts assigned to you:

@haacked> @abbot pager resolve
@abbot> Incident 7,8 resorved


If you have feedback on this skill, submit an issue here or, better yet, a pull request to this file!

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