tweet 4.0.2

by Serious Business

A Twitter skill for Abbot


Tweet, retweet, like, and follow all from chat with the tweet skill!

The tweet skill makes it easy to manage a brand or team twitter account from Chat. Use Abbot's built-in access controls to limit who can tweet from the twitter account. This allows a team to manage a twitter account without members having access to the credentials for the Twitter account.


The tweet skill acts as a Twitter client for a single Twitter account per chat room. To authenticate that account, start with:

  1. @abbot tweet auth - This will initiate the process and return an authorization URL.
  2. Visit the authorization URL in your browser and authorize Abbot to tweet on your behalf. After authorizing the account, the browser will show you a 7-digit PIN. You'll use that PIN in the next step
  3. @abbot tweet auth {pin} - Replace with the PIN from the previous step. This completes the authorization flow. Now you can tweet from the chat room.

Try it!

Once you have authentication set up, tweet away!

@abbot tweet I just set up the tweet skill in Abbot and can tweet from chat!

Abbot will respond with a link to the tweet.

Log In or Create Account You need an account to install this package with Abbot. Signing in with Slack or Discord will create an account if you don't have one already.


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