tz 1.1.1

Convert time to the timezones for mentioned users.


The tz skill is a convenient way to coordinate users in multiple timezones. For example, say you want to know the current time for you and your colleagues @paulnakata and @costello.

@abbot tz me @paulnakata @costello will show a table of the current time in each mentioned user's timezone.

 User       | Time       | TimeZone           
 ---------- | ---------- | ------------------- 
 haacked    | 1:11:24 PM | America/Los_Angeles
 paulnakata | 4:11:24 PM | America/New_York
 costello   | 7:11:24 PM | Europe/Madrid

Fantastic, but suppose you want to schedule a meeting at 2pm.

@abbot tz 2pm me @paulnakata @costello This shows a table showing how 2pm for the first mentioned user maps to each mentioned user.

 User       | Time       | TimeZone           
 ---------- | ---------- | ------------------- 
 haacked    | 2:00:00 PM | America/Los_Angeles
 paulnakata | 4:00:00 PM | America/New_York
 costello   | 7:00:00 PM | Europe/Madrid

Later on, you want to be fair and schedule a meeting at 2:30pm for @costello.

@abbot tz 2:30pm @costello @paulnakata me

 User       | Time       | TimeZone           
 ---------- | ---------- | ------------------- 
 costello   | 7:30:00 PM | Europe/Madrid
 paulnakata | 4:30:00 PM | America/New_York
 haacked    | 2:30:00 PM | America/Los_Angeles

Note that this only works for Slack at the time being because Discord does not provide timezone information for users.


@abbot tz replies with the current time in Abbot's timezone
@abbot tz me replies with the current time in your timezone.
@abbot tz {time} @user1 @user2 replies with the in each of the user's timezones. It uses the first mention's timezone as the basis for the time.
For example: @abbot tz 2pm me @somebody @another will show 2pm in my timezone converted to the timezones of @somebody and @another.
@abbot tz 2pm @somebody me will show 2pm in @somebody's timezone converted to my timezone.


Version History

Version Installs Created Author Release Notes
1.1.1 10 1/30/2021
Phil Haack

Added support for Discord.

1.0.1 0 1/27/2021
Phil Haack

Block the skill for Discord with a helpful message.

1.0.0 1 1/27/2021
Phil Haack

Initial version. No support yet for specifying timezones in the case of chat platforms that do not support it.


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