cb 1.0.3

it's a CB... breaker breaker 10-4 good buddy


Abbot CB

It's a CB... breaker breaker, 10-4 good buddy, and all that jazz.

Installation instructions

In order to receive messages, CB must be attached in a room where you want to receive messages. Do that with @abbot attach cb. Share the URL created for the Trigger with whomever you want to be able to send messages to that channel with CB.

In order to send messages, someone else with an Abbot CB will have to have theirs set up already. Once they share their Trigger URL with you, add it to your CB channels with:

@abbot cb add-channel <name of the channel> <Trigger URL> <optional description of the channel>. You can verify this worked with @abbot cb list-channels orrrrr you could send a message with @abbot cb <name of the channel> <your message>.

Remove channels with @abbot cb remove-channel <name of channel>.


  • To receive messages, @abbot attach cb in the room you want to get them, then share the Trigger URL with someone else with a CB.
  • @abbot cb add-channel adds a channel to your CB
  • @abbot cb remove-channel removes a channel from your CB
  • @abbot cb list-channels lists the channels your CB has registered
  • @abbot cb <channel name> <message> sends to


@abbot cb <channelname> <message> send message to channelname

@abbot cb add-channel <channelname> <chanel-uri> <description?> Adds channelname with uri: channel-uri and an optional description

@abbot cb remove-channel <channelname> removes channelname from the list of channels

@abbot cb list-channels lists the channels that your CB has registered


Version History

Version Installs Created Author Release Notes
1.0.3 2 12/5/2020

Improved the output of list-channels

1.0.2 1 12/4/2020

Documentation update

1.0.1 0 12/4/2020

Updated docs

1.0.0 0 12/4/2020

First version. 10-4 good buddies!


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