az 1.0.0

Performs actions in Azure DevOps.



  • accesstoken - Your personal access token (PAT) from Azure DevOps.


  • org - Your organization in Azure DevOps where your pipeline resides.
  • project - The project in Azure DevOps where your pipeline resides (i.e. must be inside the org).

Additional Configuration

In the SelectPipeline() method, set each case name and the id used inside the case to call the TriggerPipeline(int) method. For example:

    case "<your app name>":
        await TriggerPipeline(<the id of the pipeline that builds this application>);

If you can't find your pipeline id, navigate to the pipeline in your browser and look at the URL. It should have a query parameter with something like: definitionId=xx.

Known limitations:

  • This only supports pipelines living in a single org/project currently.


@az pipeline app1 - Triggers the pipeline for app1


Version History

Version Installs Created Author Release Notes
1.0.0 1 2/25/2021

Initial Release.

Provides the ability to trigger pipelines in Azure DevOps.


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