icebreaker 2.3.0

Ask an icebreaker question from a list that can be maintained.


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icebreaker add [listName] [A question with multiple words] adds the question to the list listName. You don't need to wrap the question in quotes. icebreaker list [listName] lists the next few questions in the list listName. icebreaker ask [listName] ask the next question from the list listName. The question will be removed from the list. icebreaker printList responds with the lists that have already been created.


Version History

Version Installs Created Author Release Notes
2.3.0 2 3/19/2021

Adds the printlists command which will show which lists of questions already exist.

2.2.0 0 3/8/2021
No release notes for this version.
2.1.0 0 3/3/2021

Improved the messaging when adding, asking, or listing questions to signal how many questions are left.

2.0.0 0 3/2/2021

Supports multiple lists. To access questions stored before this version, use the listname questions.

i.e., @abbot icebreaker ask questions

1.0.0 0 2/25/2021
No release notes for this version.


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