roll 1.0.1

Provides some common dice rolling functions.


This package provides some helpful dice-rolling features for Abbot. Try inputting your favorite dice expression (I'm partial to 3d4+1) and see what results!


@abbot roll d6

@abbot roll 2d4

@abbot roll 2d8+2


Version History

Version Installs Created Author Release Notes
1.0.1 8 2/11/2021

Thanks to some of our chaotic evil users, we've added guard rails to make sure rolls don't get out of hand. Oh, and we fixed negative modifiers, so rolls like 1d4-2 work correctly now! Happy rolling!

1.0.0 0 2/11/2021

This is the first version of the roll package! We're still getting things ready for everyone's use, but we'd love for you to try it out!


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  • MIT License
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