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(re)Introducing Abbot - a Copilot for Customer-Facing Teams
Abbot just got a new set of super powers. With features like automatic thread summarization, suggested next steps, automated topic tagging, and the ability to run code (called Skills) when specific topics are tagged on a conversation; Abbot can help your team focus on providing excellent customer service while letting us do the boring parts.
Have a chat with your Operations Toolkit
Abbot's ChatOps powers have been supercharged with AI to help you break free from obscure command line syntax!
Automated Escalations with Abbot
Everyone loses track of things sometimes, even with help. Now you can define Escalation Responders as a last line of defense.
That Shouldn't Happen - UnreachableException in .NET 7
Errors are bad, k? We don’t want errors. More importantly, we don’t want weird errors. One of the best ways to avoid weird errors is to check preconditions early and throw useful exceptions. The new UnreachableException in .NET 7 is designed for exactly that!
Edit Abbot skills in your favorite editor
We’ve taken the first step towards providing a great local editing experience for Abbot.