azure-alert 1.0.0

by Serious Business

Handles incoming Azure Alerts


Similar to the cloud-event skill, use this skill to subscribe to Azure alerts.

Setup is simple. After installing this skill:

  1. Attach the skill to the chat room where you want to receive alerts: @abbot attach azure-alert
  2. That creates an HTTP trigger and responds with the URL to the triggers page. Go there to get the trigger URL.
  3. Now in Azure Portal, create an alert and for the Action Group, you can use the trigger URL as a webhook. Make sure the webhook is using the common alert schema.

That's it!

Right now, when you get an alert, it will look like:

Received Sev4 alert Phil is Testing (Id: /subscriptions/114d4132-6977-430c-a803-38afcadd0e8b/providers/Microsoft.AlertsManagement/alerts/8f4c69a7-deff-41d6-a6dc-3853eb02a46b)

I could use some feedback on what you'd want to see in the message. Note that once you install the package, you can edit the skill yourself to format the message the way you want.

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