Automated Escalations with Abbot

Everyone loses track of things sometimes, even with help. Now you can define Escalation Responders as a last line of defense.

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Teams use Abbot every day to keep track of conversations with their customers. Even then, it's possible to miss a message––people go on vacation, emergencies happen, and so forth. Now Abbot provides a last line of defense to avoid leaving a customer without a response. 

If you haven’t used Abbot before, it can remind people when customers have been waiting for a response for too long. We call the agents responsible for those conversations “First Responders”. First Responders are usually the coordination point between their customers and internal team, so they know whom to involve if they can’t answer the customer’s question directly. 

Because First Responders are the only people notified about these conversations, questions can get missed if they aren’t able to respond. We just added a new kind of role called “Escalation Responders” to Abbot to make sure someone gets notified if that happens. 

Escalation Responders are team members who are responsible for handling escalations with customers. They are often team leads or members of management who want to stay on top of customer conversations, and act as a last line of defense against missing customer requests.

Agents who are listed as Escalation Responders will be notified any time a conversation misses its response deadline. Just like First Responders, Escalation Responders can be defined per-room. It's also possible to set up default Escalation Responders for your entire organization to guarantee that every conversation has at least one escalation point.

Support for Escalation Responders is included with every Abbot subscription. Start a free trial now, and you can try it out in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

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September 28, 2022
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