Track conversations with Abbot

Abbot now works alongside customer teams in Slack to manage shared channels and ensure conversations flow smoothly.

Customers want answers quickly, and shared Slack channels are a great way to accomplish that. However, keeping track of dozens (or hundreds, AH!) of channels makes it difficult to give your customers an excellent experience.

As your conversation partner in Slack, Abbot monitors and manages shared channels so that you know when a customer conversation needs attention.

By adding Abbot to a channel, you can configure response time expectations, set up who the first responders are, and leverage Abbot’s smart priority queue to remind your team of conversations so you don’t miss important requests.

Abbot will ✨automagically✨ measure your team’s performance and bandwidth across customer channels to help you identify when a certain account needs more attention or assistance. By reviewing Abbot’s detailed conversation insights and summary across all customer channels, you can make adjustments when needed to maintain smooth conversation flow with your customers.

Each customer relationship is unique, so we’ve made Abbot flexible to allow teams to easily create customized conversation flows. With these flows, customers can self-serve when they’re looking for help but within a format that works best for your team.

At the end of the day, conversations drive customer happiness. Abbot can help your team stay on top of shared channels, respond in a timely manner, and keep your customers happy. We are so excited to share Abbot with the world and improve the way teams support their customers in Slack.

Sign up for our beta today to get started!

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