Using Slack Emoji Reactions to manage conversations

Abbot turns Slack Connect into an amazing tool for managing conversations with your customers. One of the simple ways it does this is through Slack's handy emoji reactions, which Slack likes to call reacjis. In this post, I'll show you a couple ways to use Slack's emoji reactions to interact with Abbot and manage what attention is needed on a conversation.

Snooze it with the eyes emoji.

When a customer posts a message that requires your attention, Abbot puts the message in your Needs Attention list. If your organization configured a target response time for the channel, Abbot will send the First Responders for the channel a direct message if nobody from your organization responds within the response time. However, some messages aren't as urgent as others and you may want to temporarily move them out of the Needs Attention list. For example, you might not be ready to work on it just yet.

In those cases, snooze it using the eyes emoji!

A conversation that's snoozed with the Eyes emoji reaction

When you do this, the message will be put in the "Responded" list for 1 hour. When the hour is up, Abbot move the message back to the "Needs Attention" list and message you directly to remind you about the message.

As you can see in the above screenshot, Abbot responds with an ephemeral message (only visible to you) letting you know what it did. You can tell Abbot not to show you this message if you find it distracting.

Complete it with a check mark.

A check mark emoji is the perfect way to indicate that no action is required, and can be used anywhere in a conversation.

A conversation ending with the customer saying thanks. It is closed with a checkmark reaction.

A common usage is when a customer ends the conversation with a thanks message that doesn't need a follow-up. Use the checkmark emoji to close the conversation. This moves the conversation to the "Closed" list. If the customer responds again, the conversation will be reopened and moved back to the "Needs Attention" list.


With any message in Slack, you can use the interactive message  menu (sometimes referred to as the "kabob menu") and select Abbot's Manage Conversation item for a full range of options. However, for these common quick actions, Abbot's reacji support can help streamline your customer success workflow.

We're constantly looking for ways to improve Abbot so if you have ideas for other reactions we should support, let us know!

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